Sunday, 30 March 2014


When you give the devil attention, he also gives you direction. *IDAHOSA*


Your fellowship with GOD can never stand if you can't hear HIS voice. *D.E*


Two women in a room on the 5th floor of a building were strapped by fire. One of the women immediately, with fear and trembling jumped out of the window and broke both the leg and hands, and got scars all over her body. But the other woman was totally burnt up into ashes, why because she feared to jump from that long height. With the woman who jumped, lets look at something here, even though she broke both the legs and hands, and injured her whole body, but SHE'S ALIVE. Even though, she gonna ride in the wheel chair for the rest of her life, but SHE'S ALIVE. There are some situations we go through in this world just because of the fear we have of what people around us will say. The woman who feared to jumped was thinking of what people would say seeing her ride in a wheel chair. And that shyness never made her jump. But the other woman cherished her life more than what people around her would say. Its high time you jump. The other woman must have deceived herself if she was waiting for GOD to come push her out of the window. GOD has given us the will-power. Stand up on your feet and jump that one thing that is not making your relationship with GOD stand. We sometimes say, I really don't like what i do, but anytime I try resisting, I fail. You know what the problem is? Its because you fear heights. You fear what you gonna loose when you exit that lifestyle. Brethren, I came to tell you this day, GOD wouldn't come erase that zero you've been adding to the cheque, neither would HE come take their cigarette, alcohol, or wee from you. You got to do that yourself. GOD is not ready to come take you up from that woman you lying with. NEVER! You got to rise up on your own. You got to jump. One thing we got to know is that, no matater what, you surely gonna break your legs, if only you jump. Your collegues are gonna make fun of you now that you've taking your stand, which is against theirs. Stay bless, and hold hands with me lets jump now. *D.E*


Dear Mum, I have decided to talk to you, to let you know my feelings. I want to know why you did it. My story is short. I have stayed inside you for only three months. I was very comfortable and warm. I felt really protected. I know you are a special person because I ate the food you ate. I longed for the day I would see your face. Nine months was a long time to wait, but I was determined to wait. I had to be patient. One day I heard you converse with a man about me, and at some stage you quarreled. The man then offered you some money to get rid of me. I was happy and prayed that this meant that I would at least see you, the only person that I knew in the world: I was wrong. I had almost forgotten the issues until I felt something sharp pierce my tiny ear. I jerked silently and in pain, and asked you to protect me. Seconds later the object came again, fiercer than before. I was cut up, starting from the ears, then arms and legs. It was an agonizing experience, my head was then cut off and finally, I died. It took me a whole hour to die, a whole hour for an innocent three months human being to be murdered. I remember the whole incidence vividly and I keep asking myself, what I did to deserve that cruel death? Why me? Why did you do it to me? And why was I not given a chance to live? I know you are having a lot of nightmares. You remain guilty for the beastly act. Please explain to your God why you committed the heinous act. Personally, I have forgiven you though I never lived to see your face. My journey to back to my creator was safe and I arrived safely. I was given a red carpet welcome by an angel. I am infact, without bitterness. I still love you mum; you are the only one I knew. I remain yours; the one you unjustifiably expelled.


Christianity nowadays is more of religion than pure relationship with our maker. And that shouldn't be the case. The real meaning of Christianity is our relationship with GOD. And what do we mean by our relationship with GOD, one me can't even see. People who have been in the boyfriend girlfriend game for sometime will understand me much better. When two people begin to practice this boyfriend girlfriend game, the first thing they do is to know themselves better. And because of that, they increase the market of telecommunication networks, that's they chat a lot, be it phone calls, text messages, facebook, whatsapp, and many other. And sometimes one-on-one chat, all in the name of knowing themselves. And in so doing, the affection for each other increases. The thought of one takes the other to bed. And again, the thought of one comes in mind, the moment the other wakes up. They then begin to share their stories, gifts and a whole lot of stuffs. And when this continue for sometime, they then begin to share their problems. And the moment one voice out his/her, the other tries as much as possible to see it solved. All in the name of love, and to see the happiness of the other. And when one tries to reach the other and it doesn't go through, he/she become much more worried and begin to text messages and sometimes even goes to the extent of enquiring the whereabout of the partner from family and friends. And when one sees the other with an opposite sex, hmmm know what happens, jealousy prevails there. This goes on for a while and when that happens, shyness vanishes, and a whole lot happens. They call themselves more than ten (10) times a day. One call the other even when he/she is going to take the bath, or has been sent. This is what we call relationship. So do you think there can be a relationship when there's no communication in like three (3) days? NO! NEVER! You just ask yourself, that does our relationship with GOD the same with these boyfriend girlfriend game? That can never be a relationship. And that's what is going on now in the relationship between GOD and man now. GOD is willing to have an intimate relationship with man, but man has been ignoring GOD. We don't speak to GOD, and when HE's trying to break the silence, man again refuses to listen to HIM. One might be asking but how do GOD speak to us? GOD speaks to us through many means, be it HIS word, the HOLYSPIRIT, dreams, visions, meditations, emotions, incidents, sign post, and a whole lot. GOD can speak to man through anything. And we can also speak to HIM through prayers, and meditation. And we speaking to GOD in prayers, doesn't neccesarily means we should shout, but we can also pray in our minds. And that also helps a lot. Another means to strengthen our relationship with GOD is by regularly attending holy congregation, be it church services, bible studies, and prayer meetings.


There was a rich merchant, who had four (4) wives. He loved the fourth (4th) wife the most, and adorned her with rich robes, and pretty hair. He took great care of her, and gave her nothing, but the best. He also loved the third (3rd) wife very much. He was proud of her, and always wanted to show her off to his friends. However, the merchant was in great fear, that she might ran away with some other man. He too loved his second (2nd) wife. She was a very considering person, always patient, and infact, she's the merchants comforter. Whenever the merchant faces some problems, He always turns to the second (2nd) wife, and would also help him out, and be by him during difficult times. Now, the merchants first (1st) wife, she's a very loyal partner, and is a great contribution in maintaining his wealth, and business, as well as taking care of the household. However, the merchant did not love the first (1st) wife, but although, she loved him deeply. He hardly took notice of her. One day, the merchant fell ill, and knew he was going to die soon. He then told himself, '' Now I have four (4) wives with me, but when I die, I'll be alone. How lonely i would be''. Thus, he asked the fourth (4) wife, '' I loved you most, and thou giveth you the finest clothe and showered great care over you. Now that i am dying. Will you follow me and keep me company?''. ''No way'', replied the fourth (4) wife. And she walked away without another word. The answer cut like a sharp knife down the merchants heart. The sad merchant then asked the third (3rd) wife, '' i have loved you so much for all my life, now that i'm dying, will you follow me, and keep me company?''. '' No'', replied the third (3rd) wife. '' Life is so good over here, i'm going to re-marry when you die''. The merchants heart sunked and turned cold. He then asked the second (2nd) wife, '' i always turned to you for help, and you've always helped me out. Now, I need your help again. When i die, will you follow me, and keep me company?''. ''Im sorry, i can't help you out this time round'', replied the second (2nd) wife. ''At the very most, I can only send you to your grave''. The answer came like a bolt of thunder, and the merchant devastatee. Then a voice called out, ''I'll leave with you, I'll follow you, no matter where you go''. The merchant looked up, and there was his 1st wife. She was so skinny, almost like she's suffering from malnutrition, greatly grieved. The merchant said, ''I should have taken much better care for you, while i could have''. Actually, we all having four (4) wives in our lives. The fourth (4th) wife is our body, no matter how much time, and effort we lavish in making it look good, it will surely leave us when we die. Our third (3rd) wife, our possessions, statur and wealth. When we die, they'll all go to others. Our second (2nd) wife is our family and friends. No matter how close they have been there for us, when we were alive, the farthest they can stay by us is up to our grave. The first (1st) wife, is in fact our SOUL. It is actually the only thing that follows us wherever we go. Perhaps its a good idea to cultivate and strengthen it now, rather than to wait until we're on our death bed to lament. ..


REPENTANCE is a grace from GOD. Its GOD given opportunity for you to change. When GOD starts convicting you of something, it means HE has given you the chance to change. And what makes it a grace? There are a lot who are never convicted of what they do. They see the evil they do as something normal, and are never shook. David had that grace, but Saul didn't. And this grace is what still made David, GOD's friend after his devilish deeds. *D.E*