Sunday, 30 March 2014


Two women in a room on the 5th floor of a building were strapped by fire. One of the women immediately, with fear and trembling jumped out of the window and broke both the leg and hands, and got scars all over her body. But the other woman was totally burnt up into ashes, why because she feared to jump from that long height. With the woman who jumped, lets look at something here, even though she broke both the legs and hands, and injured her whole body, but SHE'S ALIVE. Even though, she gonna ride in the wheel chair for the rest of her life, but SHE'S ALIVE. There are some situations we go through in this world just because of the fear we have of what people around us will say. The woman who feared to jumped was thinking of what people would say seeing her ride in a wheel chair. And that shyness never made her jump. But the other woman cherished her life more than what people around her would say. Its high time you jump. The other woman must have deceived herself if she was waiting for GOD to come push her out of the window. GOD has given us the will-power. Stand up on your feet and jump that one thing that is not making your relationship with GOD stand. We sometimes say, I really don't like what i do, but anytime I try resisting, I fail. You know what the problem is? Its because you fear heights. You fear what you gonna loose when you exit that lifestyle. Brethren, I came to tell you this day, GOD wouldn't come erase that zero you've been adding to the cheque, neither would HE come take their cigarette, alcohol, or wee from you. You got to do that yourself. GOD is not ready to come take you up from that woman you lying with. NEVER! You got to rise up on your own. You got to jump. One thing we got to know is that, no matater what, you surely gonna break your legs, if only you jump. Your collegues are gonna make fun of you now that you've taking your stand, which is against theirs. Stay bless, and hold hands with me lets jump now. *D.E*

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