Sunday, 30 March 2014


*DOUBLE_ENJOYMENT* Life, as we all know is a choice. And GOD has given man the chance to make decision of his choice. The maximum man can enjoy in his lifetime is twice. So one can decide to enjoy it all, or choose to enjoy one of them, or can even choose not to enjoy any of them. And to enjoy once has to two categories. And I tell you, that there are uncountable people in each of these categories. The man Lazarus, from the Bible, chose to face hardship on this earth, but enjoyed after his death, and i tell you, he's still enjoying. Meaning, he enjoyed once. And that's one of the single enjoyment category, which is passing through difficulties here on earth and enjoying everlasting after death. The second type of the single enjoyment category has numerous of people in it. This is when one enjoy to the brim here on earth, and goes through everlasting and unending torture after death. We also have a group of people who have decided not to enjoy both here on earth and after their death. But rather goes through hardship here on earth, and everlasting torture after their death. But i came to introduce to you DOUBLE ENJOYMENT. You enjoyment to the fullest here on earth, and have a good rest after your death, with your CREATOR. Many think one got to be poor here on earth in order to make it to Heaven. But Im here to tell you this day, that IT'S A LIE. You can be rich here on earth, and make it to Heaven too after your death. *DOUBLE_ENJOYMENT* *D.E*

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