Sunday, 30 March 2014


Someone might be wondering, ''ah! whats this Preacher man trying to say? But we're been controlled by the HOLYSPIRIT. And whats the need for us to use our ability in programming our mind''. Yeah! You're right, that this era of ours, is been manipulated by the HOLYSPIRIT. But one thing we got to know is that, the HOLYSPIRIT doesn't force man to do good. HIS work is to convict you, and leaves the rest to you. Its then that the programming of your mind comes in. And what do I mean by Programming your mind? It simply means, having a target or standard, and making up your mind not to abuse that target or standard, no matter the circumstances surrounding you. The WORD of GOD helps one not to fall into sin, but can't stop one from sinning. Yeah! Why am I saying that? Someone might know the numerous scriptures concerning fornication, ''that our body is temple of CHRIST, and that, GOD will destroy he who destroys this temple'', but will still fall into the sin of fornication. Why because, even though he/she has the WORD inside him/her, but hasn't programmed the mind. The same applies to alcoholism and smoking, he/she knows the numerous scriptures concerning these acts, and can even give a powerful sermon on them, but will still go for them. Just because he/she has refuse to programme the mind. I keep on saying this and not tired of saying it over and over again, that the work of the HOLYSPIRIT is not to come take the cigarette from your hands. NEVER! HIS work is to convict you, and HE's doing that too. But it now rest on your target in life, and how aggressive you're to fulfill this target, or get to that standard. We got to programme our mind, that no matter the circumstances, we find ourselves in, the pressure we have from our family and friends, the fame or money it comes with, or the position and opportunity we going to lose, we're never going to give up. Its really going help a lot. That's what I mean by programming the mind. It sometimes shocking to hear believers say, they're not able to programme their mind for that long. I came to tell you today that, thats not programming, and thats not what we're talking of today. What we're talking of is the unshakable making of mind over a target. And one thing that don't help us programme our mind that well is just because we don't value Heaven. And we don't also know the torment going on in hell. Yeah! Because, if we're to know that, i don't think we'll fail, and be saying all that. You look at something here, when someone begin to dream flying abroad, no matter the number of times he/she is been bounced, he/she will never give up, but will bounce back. Why because, he/she value abroad very well. That's it, we got to value Heaven. The book of Revelation talks a whole lot about Heaven, the city of gold, hmm. Lets look at another thing here, a believer can have a grudge with a friend, and can programme the mind, not to talk to the friend, no matter what. And he/she don't get to talk to that friend, upon the numerous pleads, till death. Christians are good in programming evil than good. A believer can programme the opposite sex in the mind, that until he/she sleps with him/her, he/she won't leave him/her. And it comes to pass too. But its difficult for us to programme Heaven in our minds. GOD help us. *D.E*

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